Some of the biggest Exercise trends of the year

All fitness enthusiasts understand that the road towards their goal is long and filled with many bumps along the way. Many of us have realized that in spite of our best efforts the results we see start to plateau out. This can make the best of us lose motivation and give up on our workouts, which can take us back to square one. That’s why fitness experts recommend that we should keep mixing things up to ensure that things never get boring. You can introduce a new Exercise or overhaul your fitness routine to keep things interesting and engaging.

But it’s something you can also do by keeping up with the latest trends in the industry, which has become a multibillion dollar enterprise. In the past few years spin classes, hot yoga, workout apps etc. became huge trends that have been popularly followed all over the world. These universal trends also serve as an inspiration to many of us and push us to achieve our goals. So what are the biggest Exercise trends of the year, when many of us have been confined to our homes or need to work out in less crowded spaces due to distancing?

We look at some of these popular trends and how they will impact our Exercise regime.

  • High intensity interval training has been at the peak of its popularity for the past couple of years. But you will notice that this year HIIT workouts are getting shorter. In fact, micro HIIT sessions throughout the day can bring you exceptional results.
  • Home workout equipment is all set to get more dynamic as some of the market leaders are making very high tech products accessible to all. Spinning cycles with touch screens and top notch features are a glorious example.
  • Fitness experts are starting to embrace Nature, quite literally. One trend we are seeing all over the world is tree Exercises. Yes, trees will not only serve as handy props for resistance bands but can replace workout equipment too.
  • P.E lessons will make a strong comeback in the fitness industry, according to experts. You will remember them from your school days. They are a fun way to work out while bringing sports activities into the mix.

Besides these major trends we are going to see top gyms going online and many big celebrities creating unique workout models for enthusiasts. You can complement your own choice of Exercises with best products that you can find at online stores.